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Tumor Organoid Pricing

  • $6200 for each organoid
    (discounted academic rates also available)

  • $9500 for three organoids (if done in triplicate) from same tumor tissue

  • First 3 organoids guaranteed with 25% of the price upfront (fully refunded if we are unable to deliver the organoids)

  • Typical turn around time for organoids is 3-5 weeks

  • We can provide tumor samples to generate organoids for various cancer indications (for an additional fee)

  • Cytotoxicity and other custom assays available to test the organoid product starting at $3500 per assay

  • Complimentary single cell sequence analysis of the tumor organoids by our informatics team is included as part of the project

Pipetting Samples
Organoid Pricing: Press Kit
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