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Advanced Autologous TIL Manufacturing

Our focus on developing next generation process for TIL manufacturing for immunotherapies have resulted in significant improvements to the process that are now available for your projects:

  • We have developed a cutting-edge TIL manufacturing process that significantly cuts down the cost and time for TIL manufacturing

  • Using our next generation platform, we can manufacture TIL products for your immunotherapy studies in a short time frame

  • We can further test your TIL products for efficacy using our organoid platform/cytotoxicity assays

  • Using our platform, you can substantially speed up your TIL product development for TIL studies

Deliverable: TIL product produced per client specification in a short time frame with significant savings

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Science Lab

Tumor Organoids for
Oncology Drug Development

We routinely grow organoids for our own oncology cell therapy clinical studies, and this has allowed our team to gain substantial experience in developing a robust and streamlined organoid platform. Using this platform, our Experienced Organoid team can streamline your organoid development

  • Growing tumor cells is time-consuming and labor intensive

  • Using our organoid platform, our experienced team can quickly start growing your desired tumor cells for your research and development needs

  • Organoids can be grown using your tumor samples or using our extensive catalog of tumor samples from a variety of cancer indications depending on your needs

  • Depending on the starting tumor material, organoids can be ready for assays within 2-6 weeks

  • We can further carry out co-culture assays with both autologous and non-autologous immune cells on the tumor cells to progress your immunotherapy drug discovery

  • Using our customized services, you can significantly speed up your oncology drug development while we handle all of your organoid needs from tumor sample procurement to testing your product on the organoid depending on your needs

  • In addition, as part of our informatics services, we provide single cell sequencing and data rich analysis of the final tumor organoids to further enhance your project and provide the data you need

Deliverable: Rapid cultivation of primary tumor cells in a cost-effective manner; additional co-culture assays using these organoids also available to provide a one-stop and cost-effective  solution

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Other Services for
Cell Therapy Projects

  • Research Grade Irradiated PBMCs (feeder cells) as a feeder layer to support the growth of cells of interest.

  • Flow Cytometry Services

Cell Therapy Products: Press Kit
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