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Organoids Explained

Late last year FDA removed the requirements for animal testing before moving into clinical testing. This is a timely move in the right direction. This is largely supported by the underlying technological advent in nonanimal testing platforms over the past decade. One critical development is Organoids – an almost Star Wars-like vocabulary.

Organoids are three-dimensional, miniaturized versions of organs created from stem cells or human tissues. In oncology drug development, Organoids can be used to:

1. Study the behavior of cancer cells in the context of a specific organ [IY1] in a more realistic setting, providing valuable insights into the biology of different types of cancer.

2. Test the effectiveness of different cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy, in a laboratory setting.

3. Study the genetic changes that occur in cancer cells providing insights into the development and progression of cancer.

4. Screening new drugs : allowing researchers to identify drugs that are most likely to be effective against a particular type of cancer.

5. Studying the genetic variations of a patient's cancer, allowing for personalized medicine in cancer treatment.

The advantages of using Organoids:

1. Cost and time effective alternative to traditional animal models or cell culture models, which can be expensive and not entirely reflective of human biology.

2. Well standardized model systems: it can be manufactured in labs with a standard operating procedure (SOP).

3. It is the closest thing to human tissues. Better yet, it can be screened or engineered with the genetic makeups of the targeted patients that the drugs are intended for.

Overall, organoids can provide valuable insights into the biology of cancer and the effectiveness of different cancer treatments, ultimately leading to the development of more targeted and effective cancer therapies.

Beyond oncology, organoids are also valuable in many different ways. Take a look at this video,, and learn more about our product offerings on

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